Amalia believes that mutual understanding is crucial to meaningful relationships. Her superpower is the ability to listen deeply, build empathy, and then share her insights in a way that creates deeper meaning.

Christmas, birthdays, graduations, every memorable childhood event was strictly followed by the same formative ritual. Seven year old Amalia, writing rough draft after rough draft, and final draft after final draft of thank you notes. Amalia’s mother, reading and reviewing each and every draft until it met her standards, reminding Amalia of the importance of showing appreciation for the meaning and the person behind the gift, while applying correct grammar. An empathetic writer was born. Amalia has gone on to craft narratives and stories, uncovering the essence of the subject matter across languages, geographies, and cultures.


Amalia is Writer, Engagement Designer, and Design Researcher. At People Rocket, Amalia is primarily focused on designing and shaping client engagements and articulating People Rocket’s value proposition across mediums. She draws upon her background in design thinking and human-centered design to conduct ethnographic research, uncovering latent needs, and sharing insights. Amalia also facilitates experiential workshops, designed to help clients integrate ethnographic research methods and the design thinking process into their organizations.


Amalia is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara, with degrees in Political Sciences (International Relations) and French. She holds a Masters in International Development from the prestigious Institute of Political Science (Sciences Po) in Paris. She has taught seminars in resume-writing at the University of San Francisco.


Amalia accelerates projects and makes early course corrections, saving both time and money, through her agility and speed in synthesizing ideas to make important connections and draw out insights. Amalia uncovers hidden ideas, strategies, and constraints by asking the right questions, in the right ways, to help her clients make their own discoveries. Amalia clarifies the underlying business needs for clients as they articulate their strategy and business problems in new engagement discussions. Amalia catalyzes collaboration on internal and client teams, through her adept ability to listen, prototype, iterate, and reframe.


Amalia’s career began in grant-writing and project management for an international NGO in Mali. She shifted into working for the French government where she developed U.S. sales for high-end French brands. Discovering a passion for human-centered design, Amalia went on to work in business development at IDEO where she designed and proposed clients engagements, all grounded in the design thinking process. Most recently, Amalia has conducted ethnographic research ranging from exploring attitudes around end-of-life planning in the U.S., to diabetes management, and the introduction of a luxury fleet of vehicles. Today she works with teams at People Rocket and is also developing her own innovative women’s apparel brand.


From ages 6-12, Amalia sung with the Winifred Baker Children’s Chorale, performing Boito's Mefistofele with the Marin Symphony as well as Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Oratorio at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.


Amalia is a global citizen, having lived in Santa Barbara, Washington DC, Paris, Bamako, and currently San Francisco, where she resides with her Malian husband and son, speaking English, French, some Spanish, and even less Bambara, and able to recite the 50 states in alphabetical order in under 25 seconds.