Drew is insatiably curious--he wants to know and to understand quickly and deeply. Visual capture work provides a high-speed connection to content and endless opportunities to learn about cutting edge thinking and technology from a wide variety of people and organizations.

Drew stood holding his pencil drawing of a giraffe in front of his mother. “Sweetie that’s wonderful!” Pause. Drew questioned her, “Do you know what it is?” And so began his lifelong quest to create and communicate visually. Those first attempts in capturing and communicating information and ideas became valuable lessons in need-finding and co-creation. The result: a visual thinking career, two consulting companies, and a lot of pencil shavings.



As a Graphic Recorder, Drew is a master listener, distilling key information and capturing conversations, insights, and key content via large-scale visuals at conferences, meetings, and trainings. He provides teams with a real-time, big picture view of their initiatives and next steps. His clients include: Google, Singularity University, Stanford University, P&G, Smuckers, Novartis, NBC Universal, Citrix, and LinkedIn.


Drew has taught an experimental Visual Storytelling and Problem-solving class at the Stanford Hasso Plattner Institute of Design (d.school). He also taught improv for Secret Improv Society and the BATS Improv School of Improvisational Acting, including his own original, improvised murder mystery format.


Drew sparks inspiration and provides clarity to teams, groups, and executives, leveraging the power of visual thinking and communication. Drew onboards and quickly informs team members through his visual representations of key concepts, metaphors, and business context. Drew pushes teams to go further faster by facilitating shared understanding, connection, and discussion via his captures. Drew inspires clients and fills them with delight and excitement in seeing their own ideas made real and concrete right before their eyes, on his canvas.


Drew has an extensive background in collaborative creativity and technology, working with innovators and inventors as a Patent Illustrator at Quine Intellectual Property Law Group. In parallel, Drew was also a Facilitator and Applied Improv Consultant for BATS Improv’s On-the-Go Program, working with corporate teams.


Drew is an improv producer, director, and performer. He founded Secret Improv Society in San Francisco in 2009. The group is still performing with a 4.5 star Yelp rating. While represented by the STARS Talent Agency in San Francisco, Drew worked as a commercial actor in television, radio, and print.


Drew played a detective, a doctor, and a dad in several episodes of a Japanese television show called The World’s Astonishing News and now lives just north of San Francisco with wife, son and his dog, Luca.