Annie believes that every leader needs a core team of strategic thought partners behind them to advise, encourage, and ensure that the business succeeds. Annie loves to see others succeed and thrive and loves playing an active integral part in that process.

At age 6, Annie started her first job at her family's burger joint in Portland, OR. It ended rather quickly because she routinely ignored the number on the scale in favor of how many frozen fries she believed, visually, should fill a bag. Who wouldn’t want more fries? Annie was soon reassigned to filling ketchup and mustard - something that was clearly portion controlled. A love for supporting her family’s businesses was born. At age 28, she took over the finances for her father’s auto dealership, serving as the springboard that set her life course: partnering with and supporting business owners.


Annie manages operations at People Rocket. She efficiently and accurately maintains all matters related to finance, allowing People Rocket teams and clients to focus on the project work at hand. A clear communicator, Annie shares time-sensitive materials and keeps the process moving forward. She has worked with consulting firms, nonprofits and for-profits in a variety of industries including: professional development, humanitarian relief, property management, building associations, retail, and service businesses.


Annie holds an A.A. in Business Administration & Accounting, and graduated Phi Beta Kappa, supplemented by 16 years of experience in small business management and bookkeeping. She gives talks at business retreats exploring, How to Take Deficits and Turn Them into Assets, advising on how to make mindset shifts to move liabilities into assets, for individuals and teams.


Annie inspires confidence and delivers efficiency to client business partners, ensuring clear and accurate execution of contracts, finances, for delivery of People Rocket engagements. Annie translates across industries and business and understands their unique needs, given her exposure to a range of clients, industries and projects. She guarantees optimum client experience by taking care of the People Rocket team, allowing them to shine.


Annie began her career in bookkeeping and legal for her Dad’s small business. Using that first experience as a springboard, she built her clientele through word-of-mouth. For the past 16 years, Annie has developed a thriving private practice, working with small business owners in a variety of industries, focused on business management and finance. She has worked in every stage of organizational lifecycle from inception to closing.


Annie is a self-taught flower arrangement artist with a cottage business of her own delivering specialized arrangement services for family, friends, weddings and other small events. She also sews linen cross-stitch art pieces. Using this unique medium, she has developed framed pieces as well as heirloom Christmas stockings. Her projects can take over 120 hours to complete.


For three years Annie lived without running water and electricity in a cabin in the mountains where she baked bread in a wood stove, cooked in an outdoor kitchen in the summer and walked over fences in the snow to neighbors’ houses in the winter. Living her real-life dream of a Laura Ingalls Wilder novel, she even had a hot tub made out of a cattle trough.