In his life as a performer and teacher, only one thing has been as satisfying as taking a good look at what he does well: putting that aside and pushing himself to grow beyond that. The one thing that can compare is the joy that comes from helping others do the same.

As a child, Bobby was never drawn to movies made for children. They seemed simplistic and didn't reflect the invisible complexity of the world as he experienced it.  Bobby was drawn to the crazy chaos of the Marx Brothers, the anger embodied by James Dean, the rawness of Bob Dylan and John Lennon. These artists allowed him to look through a secret window that revealed the deeper nature of how the world works. Today, there’s a thread that runs through Bobby as a teacher, performer, and coach, to share what he learned from those actors: to make the invisible visible.


Bobby is a skilled executive coach, workshop leader, event facilitator, and keynote speaker. As a coach, he helps clients prepare for keynotes, challenging meetings and conversations, high-stakes job interviews, career planning and development. Bobby leads teams in workshops focused on communicating with impact and inspiring others to action, managing challenging and high stakes conversations and feedback, creating inspiring messaging to lead through challenging times, and fostering trust and bonding in teams that help them to work with more synergy and efficiency. Bobby’s international clients include: World Wildlife Fund (India, Rwanda), Randstad (Netherlands), Cisco (in 20+ country offices), BlackRock (USA), and Singapore Exchange.


Bobby has taught in most every imaginable venue - including Principal Acting Coach at Seydways Studios (1999-Present), Head of the Acting Department at The San Francisco Conservatory of Music (1992-1999), running several acclaimed performing arts school drama departments, and teaching master classes on Shakespeare’s plays at colleges across the country.


The best of us need a coach, someone to help us see ourselves. Bobby sees his job as being able to see every client not only as they are, but as they might be, and then to hold that vision up. This allows leaders of all kinds to expand their range by identifying their strengths and then looking at what else they need to develop that they might have overlooked. The goal is to bring each and every person to peak performance by making that invisible potential become a visible reality.


Bobby spent 10 years in public and private schools and running drama programs at El Cerrito High School and The San Francisco School. He then created the Drama Program at the SF Conservatory of Music, teaching acting to professional opera singers. In 2001, Bobby founded an innovative program at Seydways Acting Studios, specializing in training professional singers. In 2007, he began bringing his coaching to the business environment, finding many parallels coaching for both actors and business professionals.


Bobby has performed at many of the West Coast's best theatres and received the Drama-logue Award for Principal Performance. Screen credits include principal roles in many independent feature films and network television shows. Bobby’s direction of Twelfth Night for the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival received critical acclaim, and his Tempest and Taming of the Shrew for the SF Shakespeare Festival played to over 50,000 students in more than 60 cities. Bobby also worked for many years with orchestras around the country emceeing children's concerts. His recording of original jazz and blues compositions New Year’s Day was released in December 2015.


Originally named Robert, Bobby had many nicknames as a child, but when he heard the news that Bobby Kennedy had been shot, he decided that from then on he wanted everyone to call him Bobby in honor of his fallen hero.