Danielle loves helping others see their own potential. From peer counseling to coaching, Danielle strives to empower people to recognize their autonomy and innate power.

Danielle had swine flu when she moved into her freshman dorm. Her very first time living away from home, three thousand miles away from the people she knew and loved. She was quarantined, confined to her room, while the rest of the dorm attended talks and participated in ice breakers and bonding activities. But someone was taking care of her: The Peer Health Educator, a part of the resident staff, talked her through those first scary few days, made sure she was fed, which medication to take. That experience of being taken care of led Danielle on a path to taking care of others, being that unique and much-needed support system for people and organizations.


Danielle brings to the table a willingness to learn and a love of people. She provides support for People Rocket teams, ranging from event planning to team coordination. Her peer counselor training and experience enables her to best support teams and is similar to the Design Thinking process -- focused on identifying people’s needs and establishing empathy first, before determining the best ways to support and move forward.


Danielle received her B.A. in Human Biology at Stanford University. She spent three months in Morocco at the Arabic Language Institute in Fez learning Moroccan darija and improving her Modern Standard Arabic. She recently completed the H4A Fellowship program at Stanford.


Danielle ensures the quality and delivery of clients’ Designed Learning Experiences by organizing the materials and facilitation team. Danielle increases participants’ engagement and memory retention, through visual and digital artifacts - materials, handouts, and follow-up - that endure long after the engagement.


Danielle’s interest in health and nutrition motivated her to work as a Lab Assistant at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in the Genetic Improvement of Fruits & Vegetables Lab. While at Stanford University, Danielle served the community as a Peer Health Educator and Peer Counselor.


Danielle has always loved dancing and always loved the water. Those loves converged when, at nine years old, she joined a synchronized swimming team. Today, she coaches and swims for Tsunami Masters Synchronized Swimming in San Francisco. Danielle has also been a gymnast, speed swimmer, and martial artist. She holds a 1st degree black belt in Wushudo Kung Fu.


Danielle can’t get enough of synchronized swimming. She started when she was nine years old and kept with it until graduating from high school. Even though she thought she was done with it, Danielle ended up finding a synchro class and then walking onto the nationally-ranked Stanford Synchro Team as a sophomore, among teammates who had been recruited.