Janet is motivated by curiosity and discovery. Coaching comes naturally to her. She is passionate about instilling confidence in people so that they can authentically move forward on their own.

Shaking like a leaf, Janet was about to go out on the ice for her first competitive figure skating performance. Sensing this fear, her coach helped shift Janet’s mindset. “Step out with confidence, extend your arms and let your eyes follow your fingertips to the crowd and make a connection. That’s taking the ice-that’s owning it.” This early coaching in mindset, focus and performance helped Janet develop and embody a heightened sensory acuity, from movement to dialogue, and from presentation to performance.


As a Strategist, Janet designs personalized communication plans and facilitation techniques within corporations and also to individuals, internationally. Through ongoing and extensive research, she coaches clients in performance, mindset, and messaging. Her executive coaching clients include leaders at The Federal Reserve Bank, Mozilla, Apple, American Express, Cisco and the San Francisco SPCA.


In her leadership role as Senior Faculty Advisor within the Center for Teaching Excellence at UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, Janet is responsible for designing and delivering experiential communication strategies that resonate with any given audience. For 8 years, she taught as an Adjunct Professor in the Communications Department at Sonoma State University. Janet advises on best teaching strategies at universities including Stanford, UCLA, University of the Pacific, and the University of Copenhagen.


Janet brings clarity and focus to complex challenges by questioning the status quo to find relevance. She enables leaders to shine in the limelight of the media and best represent themselves and their companies when the stakes are high and eloquent communication is tantamount.  She challenges assumptions, coaches to her clients goals, fine-tunes existing skills, and guides her clients to build confidence and momentum. Her custom tailored approach provides actionable techniques her clients can use immediately. She enables lasting and fundamental shifts and growth that sustain people for a lifetime of use by pairing practical coaching with academic rigor and ongoing research related to psychology and communication, layered with extensive business experience.


Janet’s career started as a professional figure skater, coach and choreographer, and she then transitioned into a professional actor. Her performing led to representing Fortune 500 companies as a media spokesperson traveling extensively on media tours while working with producers, newsrooms and journalists. Janet went on to combine the art of choreographing figure skating programs and ice shows, assessing and weaving together elements of competitive programs, to mirror the design process of working to develop clients - identifying strengths and growing opportunities so they can surpass their goals. Today Janet teaches and advises at top-tier universities and is an executive and media coach and consultant with C-suite executives.


Janet’s artistic career started in high school and continued as she became a competitive figure skater. Building on that experience, her artistic expression came through coaching and choreography. As a SAG-AFTRA actor she has performed in numerous national TV shows, commercials, industrials, and radio in Denver, Chicago, and San Francisco.


Janet has telemark-skied from Vail to Aspen, completed the Alcatraz swim, choreographed numerous competitive figure skating programs, and has rowed in the moonlight as a master rower. She is a long time volunteer with the SFSPCA, and champions education and women by volunteering her time with Koru, Girls Who Code and Larkin Street Youth.