Judy looks at world with a designer’s eye and sees solutions. Every day, with every client, Judy seeks to move the needle, improve processes, crusade for the user, and build more transparent, inclusive cultures.

Imagine a 5-year old girl and her brother, deep in the woods of North Carolina, playing in the mud, catching crayfish, tadpoles, salamanders, building big forts out of fallen trees, and always late for dinner. Even then, Judy was in awe of how she could shift the ecosystem with the slow pushing of mud in the creek to catch tadpoles and watch them turn into frogs. From that very early age, she felt the freedom to play, to learn, and explore and get lost in her own imagination. Judy is still a kid at heart, learning by doing and experimenting every single day (and sometimes, still late for dinner).


Judy is a Design Thinking expert, Coach, Facilitator, experienced in human centered methodologies. She moves clients from strategy to action by embedding with teams, supporting them through the entire project lifecycle with one-on-one coaching and real-time experiments, helping them to shift and pivot when needed. Judy excels at synthesis, helping people to uncover meaningful insights from user observations while simultaneously building their capacity. Her work has ranged from organizational behavior change to envisioning and developing “the future of” products, services, and experiences. She works with clients across the private, social, and public sectors, including Google, Lilly, ConAgra, Knight Foundation, Innova School, and U.S. government agencies.


Judy is a thought partner, redesigning the future of public policy education at Stanford, and Guest Lecturer at the Stanford d.school and California College of the Arts (CCA). As a STEM luminary, Judy speaks and hosts interactive workshops for museums, programs, and schools including the Exploratorium, The Lawrence Hall of Science - Berkeley, Boys and Girls Club, Girls Scouts of America, Techbridge, and South Carolina Gov School of Science and Math. Judy is also featured on EngineerYourLife.com and Secret Life of Scientists. She holds an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Masters in Industrial Design from North Carolina State University.


Judy builds capacity in her clients to learn new behaviors and mindsets that are needed to make shifts in process and culture. She emphasizes the user’s voice, amplifies its value, and helps her clients infuse it into their plans, products, and services. Judy maximizes progress and assures strategic direction by testing assumptions up front, experimenting earlier to get tangible results more quickly. Judy brings the right people to the table and leverages the best approach by advising teams on stakeholder involvement in their design process. She bridges the gap seamlessly between engineers and designers, through her background in engineering, industrial design, and human-centered design.


Judy worked at IDEO for a decade, as a Principal Designer and Project Manager. Her work spanned from product design to organizational transformation. From the Knight Foundation Communities and Information Challenge (KCIC), helping philanthropic foundations apply Design Thinking tools and methodologies, to working with the Lakeland Economic Development Council to envision retaining young home-grown talent in Lakeland, FL, to redesigning the tampon applicator for young women. Prior to her time at IDEO, Judy applied her Mechanical Engineering degree at Underwriters Laboratories to make the world a safer place by designing and building automation equipment to simulate real world failures.


Judy has a depth of experience in making and building physical objects. From creating a 15 foot-tall corrugated plastic origami installation at Burning Man, to creating and building a flying machine (airplane) for Red Bull’s Flugtag competition. She is skilled in woodworking, metalwork, 3D printing, and laser-cutting.


Judy co-hosted an Emmy Award-winning PBS engineering television series called Design Squad Nation. She appears on Discovery Channel’s You Have Been Warned - Season 2, as the Mechanical Engineering expert.