Lieselotte believes in the good in people and loves to work with companies that truly make the world a better place. She feels thrilled when, in a session, people collide with who they really are. To her, it is like seeing the light go on in a darkened room - all of a sudden there is clarity and simplicity.

‘Three things that made today fun’ is the title of a notebook that 13 year-old Lieselotte kept for months. Her parents had just divorced and being afraid she would feel ‘sad forever or become totally messed up,’ she decided to create her own form of therapy. When after months she became too busy to keep these lists, she decided the therapy had worked and that she was cured and happy again. It was the first and definitely not the last creative challenge she put before herself and her friends. She had a natural feel for empowering the healthy and happy parts in people and making them grow - something that she still uses in her work today.


Working at the intersection of leadership and innovation, Lieselotte is a master facilitator and coach and helps organizations, teams, and individuals remember who they are so that they can do their most powerful work. Lieselotte helps companies to come up with new products and services through Design Thinking and systems-level thinking. Her works also focuses on building innovative and entrepreneurial company cultures. Lieselotte coaches teams and individual managers on leadership, body language and presentation skills. Her client list includes: Johnson & Johnson, Stanford MediaX, FIFA, TNT, Kempinski hotels and Greenpeace.


Lieselotte is core faculty member at THNK, School for Creative Leadership in Amsterdam, where she teaches and coaches teams in a Design Thinking Accelerator. She has also taught Entrepreneurship for Society at the Centre for Innovation in Den Haag, Netherlands.


With a deep understanding for human nature and a sharp eye for potential, Lieselotte unlocks creative confidence and accelerates growth and transformation. She works with a broad variety of people who all feel at ease and seen by her - allowing them to dare to show themselves and start a journey of transformation. She sees the best version of her clients and has joyful skills to bring that version out. She helps people answer the question, “Why would someone want to be led by you?”


Lieselotte’s background is in communications, training, and coaching. For the past 10 years, she has worked as a trainer, facilitator and coach for management teams in large and small companies in Europe, the United States, and the Middle East. As a consultant in the processes, mindset, and methods of innovation, she has helped companies come up with new products and services through human-centered design and helped them grow exponentially instead of linearly. As a leadership facilitator she helps teams address change, build trust, and act on their feet in a fast-changing world.


Lieselotte is a stage improvisor and coach. She performs and teaches improvised plays internationally in Dutch, English, and German and is involved as Artistic Director and now Artistic Advisor to the Amsterdam International Improvisation Festival.


Lieselotte lives in Amsterdam with her Uruguayan boyfriend, their Argentinian streetdog, two fat cats, and daughter Olivia.