The day Rich started a pencil insurance company in Mrs. Evan’s Third Grade class, an entrepreneur was born. For a mere 5 cent weekly premium, if you broke your pencil, Rich would give you a new one. Thwarted by government regulation (a.k.a. his mother, also a teacher, who forbid Rich from taking money from other students), Rich’s first endeavor failed. However, those first lessons – in need-finding, bias toward action, failing forward, and how to pitch an idea – continued to develop through a software engineering career and the creation of three consulting companies, and a venture-backed e-commerce company.


Rich founded People Rocket, A Management Design Firm, combining Business, Academics, Arts, and Design to brings a fresh, innovative, design-fueled approach to sustainably increase the performance of people, teams and cultures. Rich coaches executives, leaders and teams at organizations such as the Clinton Global Initiative, Istanbul 2020 Olympic Bid Committee, TEDx, Mozilla, Google, Cisco, and JP Morgan Chase.


Rich is a Lecturer at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business and teaches at the Stanford Hasso Plattner Institute of Design ( He is also a Guest Lecturer at London Business School and Aalto University in Helsinki.


Rich Cox challenges leaders, groups and companies to stretch farther and achieve more. He helps world leaders and change-makers inspire others to action. He unlocks the creative genius in entrepreneurs and teams so they can go out and dent the universe. He enables leaders to find their authentic voice and stand up as their most powerful selves. He transforms organizations into resilient cultures that thrive and adapt.


Rich has an extensive background in business, finance and technology, working as Founder and CEO of Entango Corporation, a venture-backed e-commerce solution; VP of marketing for Ninaza, handling data capture for Phase IV clinical trials; Lead Engineer for Infinity a SunGard company, a derivative trading and risk-management platform and Engineer at Intel Corporation, where he helped create the first generation of Pentium processors.


In addition, Rich is an improv performer and coach. His improv troupe, Fully Improvised, performed full length plays in the style of David Mamet, and musicals in the style of Stephen Sondheim. He integrates improv tools and mindsets into his work on creativity, innovation and leadership on organizational stages around the world as a speaker and consultant.

He has walked from Mexico to Canada along the Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail and now lives in San Francisco with his dog Ali.


Rich believes that we, humankind, know how to do much of what we are doing today, better than we are doing it today. He is on a crusade to help everyone reach their full potential and make the world a better place.