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About People Rocket

We are a global management design firm. We create designed learning experiences.

  • 2005-2008

    Management Design

    A software engineer, a marketing executive, and an entrepreneur walk into an improv class...
    What happens next is no joke.
    Those characters define a career path that leads to
    a vision of business, designed better
    Management Design.

  • January 2009

    Launching People Rocket

    In the 21st century you can't succeed alone. The "soft skills" of the 90's are now critical business drivers. People Rocket was launched to help inspirational leaders and teams that create innovative new ideas and communicate them in a way that inspires others.

  • 2009

    Academic Ties

    As the People Rocket team grew we expanded to include faculty at leading universities such as Stanford, London Business School, IMD, Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley and many others around the world. We create impact with Designed Learning Experiences that blend art and science (social science and organizational psyhchology).

  • 2010-2014


    People Rocket started using applied improvisation and acting methods that increase performance in communication, presentation, innovation, transformation, creativity, and leadership. Building on that foundation we have added coaching techniques, toolkits, models and frameworks including Design Thinking, Instructional Design, Sustained Dialogue, Social and Organizational Psychology, Facilitation and Executive Coaching.

  • 2015


    People Rocket has doubled each year since it launched and is continuing to accelerate. We are transforming people, teams, and cultures all over the world that keeps pace with 21st Century business. Management Design is the answer.
    People Rocket is taking off!

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Interactive keynotes and workshops from our team to yours.

Design Thinking

What is it and why would I want it?

Real World Design Thinking

Design Thinking in Real World Projects

The Invention Cycle

From Inspiration to Implementation

Creativity & Innovation

Everyone is creative

Creativity Toolkit-Assumptions

The Generative Power of Assumptions

Creativity Toolkit-Brainstorm

From brain drought to brainstorm

Creativity Toolkit-Visual Comm.

Anyone can communicate by drawing

Thriving in Ambiguity

Way Beyond Surviving in the Unknown

Collaborative Mindset

Leverage unexpected team performance

Creativity & Innovation

Your Creativity Toolkit

Problem to Design Challenge

How do you know where to start?

Power - The Secret Language

The secret language we all speak

Executive Presence

how anyone can have it

Unmask Your Confidence

Sharing your authentic range

Sticky Stories

Tell your idea in a way they remember

Speaker Coaching Lessons

Getting ready to share your one big idea

Influencing others to action

Getting others into action on your ideas

Leadership Stories

How Your Stories Achieve Your Goals

Designing Successful Teams

12 key factors that make or break

Crafting Creative Teams

Which hat do you wear?

Designing Successful Teams

The 12 critical factors for teams

Rapid-Teaming for Performance

Build and rebuild on the fly

What We Do

We design learning experiences. You reach your full potential.


Leaders inspire others to action to fulfill their vision. Presence, confidence, clarity, connection and power are the tools every successful leader needs. We transform leadership teams to achieve higher goals and learn to design successful teams and manage emergent creative teams.

What got you here
won't get you to the next level.


For large, complex problems - problem solving skills are not enough. You need human-centered design principles to find deep insights that lead to game-changing ideas. Discover the design DNA that is unique to your business and is the rocket fuel for your innovation-culture.

The world doesn't stand still.
Follow or set the pace.


Working one-to-one with a coach accelerates your speaking, executive presence, personal brand, confidence, and leadership vision. One size does not fit all. We find the perfect coaching match for your goals and your style. Find the growth, balance, and meaning you were meant to have.

You at full potential.

We deliver

Coaching, Workshops, Executive Education, Talks, Retreats, Embedded Experts, Design

With expertise in

Commuication, Team Dynamics, Executive Presence and Power, Creativity and Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, Organizational Culture


Our Human-Centered Team

Richard Cox

started it all

Tracy DeLuca

designs compelling narrative

William Hall

makes story come alive

Kara Harrington

discovers meaning

Paul Z Jackson

focuses on solutions

Melissa Jones Briggs

acts with power

Kat Koppett

inspires performance

Kay Kostopoulos

elevates powerful relationships

Judy Lee

delivers insights

Drew Merit

brings ideas to life

Alison Meyer

creates leadership moments

Jessica Munro

designs inspiration

Lieselotte Nooyen

spreads resilience

Jeff Raz

creates executive presence

Teryn Rikert

uncovers breakthrough insights

Danielle Rossoni

drives client success

Amalia Rothschild-Keita

creates understanding

Richard Seyd

elevates leaders

Janet Watson

coaches gloabal execs

Bobby Weinapple

causes dramatic transformation

Our team is here for you.

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